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Two Dorms Down - Info

      The Ithryn
The Ithryn: Named after the wizards of Tolkien's Middle Earth (of which Gandalf and Saruman are two), these honors nerds are a force to be reckoned with (at least in games).
Name: Alexander McClellan
Nickname: "lex"
Ithryn Name: Olorin (Gandalf)
Major: Business Administration
Likes: Swords, Ultimate Frisby, Millitary History, RTS Games, His Mitsubishi Lancer
Dislikes: Slow Cars, "Cult Classics", Chick Flicks, Losing Games
Favorite Album: Metallica The Black Album (track: Don't Tread On Me)
Bio: Raised by a single mother with a parade of boyfriends, Alex has a few anger "issues". He got into sports thanks to his "uncle ben" at the YMCA and fought with his friend Larry for the Quarterback position in Highschool. After burning himself out in the Highschool popularity rat-race he went back to hanging out with his real friends, Mike and Kat. Now, thanks to his boldness and relatively strong social skills, Alex is the fearless leader of the Ithryn.
Name: Michael Eaton
Nickname: "mike"
Ithryn Name: Pallando (one of the blue mages)
Major: Computer Science
Likes: Comics, Anything Spiderman, MMORPGs, Joss Whedon, Code, things that normal people have never heard of
Dislikes: Slow Internet Connections, Luddites, Wedgies, Starting His Car in Winter
Favorite Album: Weezer The Blue Album (track: In The Garage)
Bio: A middle child from a large strick Irish Catholic family with a strange sense of humor, Mike is more than a little odd himself. While he was the recipient of numerous "wedgies" and "swirlies" in highschool, he now has Alex back to keep his head above water (toilet bowl water that is). Mike prides himself in being able to talk for hours without saying a single sentence that a normal person would entirely understand. He is the Ithryn's second in command.
Name: Katsumi Sakoda
Nickname: "kat"
Ithryn Name: Aiwendil (Rhadaghast, the guy who sent the moths and eagles)
Major: Graphic Design
Likes: Extreme Sports, Sniping Teammates, Hitting Things, First Person Shooters
Dislikes: Slow Food, Her Mother, Girly Girls, Lois Lane
Favorite Album: Offspring Americana (track: The Kids Aren't Alright)
Bio: After her mother left her she grew up with her father and brother leaving her slightly short on feminine graces. Though she is generally direct and forthright with her hostility and revenge, she does occasionally displace her anger by proving that "friendly fire" is anything but. Though she is more of a punk than a nerd her head is full of enough Monty Python quotes to allow her to fit in with the nerds. She was inducted fourth into the Ithryn but she still has voting rights.
Name: Linus Johnson
Nickname: "linus"
Ithryn Name: Alatar (the other blue mage)
Major: Civil Engineering
Likes: Vollunteering, Football, Jesus (his homeboy), Small Towns, Hiking, Line Dancing
Dislikes: Ghetto speak, Foul Language, Disorganization, Dirty Laundry
Favorite Album: Lifehouse No Name Face (track: Everything)
Bio: There is just something wierd about a football playing engineer built like a pro wrestler, but his small town ways are the wierdest thing to the rest of the Ithryn. Sure he's got the brains to be an honors student but does he have the street smarts to make it? Of course, with his size it's not like he needs to be clever to avoid being harassed by the athletes, he can bench press them. Linus is a good natured and easy going fellow with a good sense of humor, which is good because the Ithryn like to tease their newest member.
Name: Larry Smith
Nickname: "lar"
Ithryn Name: Curumo (Saruman)
Major: Philosophy
Likes: Himself, Power, Money, Pink Bunnies
Dislikes: Slow People, Competition, Rejection, Cats
Favorite Album: Queen Greatest Hits (track: We Are The Champions)
Bio: The son of the Mayor, Larry grew up a spoild only child. The only friend that he ever considered and equal was Alex. Though Larry and Lex used to be the best of friends the highschool competition for Quarterback and girls left them bitter rivals. The final blow to their friendship came when Larry became the RA of the Ithryn wing of the Honors dorm and Alex and the others fought to remove him for "abuses of power". While Larry was the second Ithryn (and never replaced) he is their friend no more.

      Other Characters
Name: Genevieve Corbin
Nickname: "gen"
Ithryn Name: none
Major: Psychology
Likes: Red, Expensive Clothing, Flirting, Muscle Cars, Classic Heavy Metal
Dislikes: Slow Movies, Freaks, Being Ignored, Cowards
Favorite Album: Scorpions Bad For Good (track: Don't Believe Her)
Bio: The only child of a powerful attourney and a european supermodel, Gen has come away from the deal with her mother's looks and her father's underhanded cunning. While she dresses "classy" and lady-like she indulges fast cars and loud music when most people aren't looking. While never a member of the Ithryn, she is the reason that Larry and Alex became enemies. While she comes off as a vain self-absorbed flirt she dosen't know any other way to be valued.
Name: Michelle Pfeffer
Nickname: "mich"
Ithryn Name: none
Major: Management of Information Systems
Likes: 80's Cartoons, Poetry, Computer Games, Writing Fan Fiction, Text Based RPGs
Dislikes: Slow Computers, Romantic Story Arcs, Perfume
Favorite Album: Marvelous 3 The Hey! Album (track: Freak of The Week)
Bio: Mich is neither a tomboy nor a girly girl, she somehow manages to be somewhere inbetween; this may have to do with her father, Master Sergant Pfeffer, never quite getting the son he wanted. While she likes "wacky hijinks" she can also be very kindhearted and mature. As a oldest child, she has become almost like another mother to her younger sisters. She became Gen's roommate by chance and when Gen's attempts to scare her off failed they became close friends. While a big gamer and nerd she is also a prolific writer and network administrator.
Joseph Moretti
Nickname: "joe"
Ithryn Name: Alatar (the former alatar) Job: Head of KSU's IT department
Likes: Boobs, L33t Sp34k, Torturing Small Animals, Pranks, "Pantsing" People.
Dislikes: Serious Discussion, Sensitivity, N00bs, Manners, Cats
Favorite Album: Green Day Warning (track: Minority)
Bio: The Originator of the Ithryn. Joe recruited Alex and Mike to join him on the geek floor he was forging many years ago. He is a brash and crude fellow who got along with few of his fellow students. When he graduated he swore he would never return to Kenny... only to find his degree was worth little to anybody outside of the City of Kenny. Now he nurses his grudge against humanity by being the dreaded head IT Troll.

Kenny: A medium sized city in an unnamed West Cost State with a reputation as the dump heap of the West and a long proud history of Sanitation Engineering.
Kenny State University: A small Liberal Arts College (in an unspecified part of the country) and home of the "Trash Packers" sports teams.
Richard Spanky Jr. Hall: The Kenny State Honors Hall, with 2 two floors of male and 2 floors of female residence with up to 22 residents a floor double occupancy rooms, A.K.A. two dorms down from Joe "Buzz" Smith Hall (the athletic hall).
Ulternity Online: MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) played by the students of Kenny State, kinda like Ever-Crack (Everquest for the uninitiated).